Atlantic Film Services
Production Payroll:
  • Payroll for Features, Commercials,
    and stagehands.
  • Union Payroll/ Employer of Record
  • 1099's
  • Extras Payroll

We understand the pace and importance of
quick customer service and solutions for

  • We take care of all your payroll tax
    obligations including W-2's and 1099's.  
  • We handle all of you worker's comp   
    claims and unemployment claims both
    during and after production.
  • All benefits are paid out within 2 weeks
    of the payday to the contracted fund.
  • During Productions, our staff is          
    available 24/7 to help you meet your
    Payroll obligations.
Are you experiencing...
  • -Late or incorrect Benefit Contributions?
  • -Worker's Comp Complications?
  • -Poor or no knowledge of the Industry?
  • -Slow response time to your phone call?

    Between our experience in the Industry and
    payroll, we continually strive to pay
    members and their benefits timely and
Benefit Reporting:
We report all benefits given on behalf of the  
Members on their check stubs.

Members are now able to track their Benefits
and Contributions without having to wait for the
quarterly statements from the Internationals.

To help ensure proper and timely benefit
reporting, we process all benefits when each
contract is paid out.  If the contract is longer
than a week, we submit the contributions twice a
As the Employer of Record: